Outreach Opportunities


One way we show the love of God to the community is by working with the San Antonio Food Bank. Besides having a regular food collection, the church routinely volunteers at the food bank organizing and boxing food. If you are interested in participating in our next service day please reach out to Eva Canales at (210)215-6653.


Children are one of the greatest gifts God gives us. By working with the Children's Shelter, Harmony Baptist is able to improve the lives of these children in small, but loving ways. We have donated duffle bags and toys, thrown parties and helped celebrate the holidays, and volunteered at the shelter. Each year we look for a new way to show these children that God loves them.


The Church is much bigger than our little congregation here in San Antonio. Recognizing that, once a year, we take up an offering to provide food and shelter to Christians that are running for their lives due to their devotion to the Lord. It's a little way to show we are all one family in the Lord. 


Empowering missionaires is one of the ways our church shows God's Love to the world. Annually we send farm animals through a missionary to a struggling third world family. The animals provide food, employment and the means for children to be educated. This is a great way for our little church to make an impact across the world. 

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